Covid Pandemic

After barely making in home from Australia in March 2020, we spent several months at the lake and had family out to enjoy the lake, but activities for retired youngsters is very limited. I was bbbbored so we moved to Sun City in June 2020. We rented a house in Sun City (Georgetown) Texas to see how we liked it. While very limited on inside activities during Covid, we have enjoyed our new game, Pickleball, as well as tennis and a little golf for me.

Bald Eagle at lake
Fun at the lake during Covid- next few pics
Our rental backs up to the golf course with a screened in porch. Have seen occasional turkey, fox, rabbit, squirrel, road runner, and coyote. Nor regular are birds at the feeder with squirrel and deer every day.
Buck in backyard at Georgetown.Fun to watch them chasing those does around the golf course
My mom’s 91st birthday
Christmas 2020 at the lake
Appropriate tshirt caption
First snowman in Georgetown
Anybody for a little tubing?
February 21 deep freeze at lake. Only Lost power for a few hours, but water for a week
1st vaccine January 2021

2nd Moderna vaccine February 😀

One thought on “Covid Pandemic

  1. That’s awesome Rich and Beth! Happy for both of you and so glad you now have “entertainment in your backyard”!


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