Sydney-the last frontier for these explorers

We were to spend a few days in Sydney, but all the remaining Australian places we were to travel to became unattainable. Each state closed its borders and Sydney closed all places were people gather, leaving open food stores and take out service for restaurants that wanted to stay open for only that type of service. All tourist attractions closed and all tour companies cancelled all tours. We had several days in Sydney before that happened and enjoyed a 2 hour boat trip around various harbors, an ebike tour of the central city, visits to an aquarium and wildlife zoo and a trip up the tower eye (viewing tower). In addition we found a guide after all tour companies were shut down to give us a private tour for a 10 hour day. He showed us a few things in inner city Sydney but mostly places in the north suburbs and further north. Several national parks, a wildlife park and several beautiful beaches. Everything was practically empty as the restriction were to be implemented during that day. We then spend 2 days in our Airbnb getting a flight home and cancelling all remain big reservations, (plane, hotel, tour and car). That was fun!!! My niece Kateva is in the travel business and helped a lot with the plane tickets home, as airlines phones and websites were jammed. I had taken a cab to the airport at 9pm to work on getting a ticket home and what a mistake- almost all ticket counters were closed and while there weren’t many people at the airport those there were all Chinese with masks camping out at Air China. I took a deep breath, hustled back outside and caught the same uber that dropped me off (he waited as there was no other work for ride shares). Finally got a flight home with the help from our niece, Kateva, whose in the travel business.

Bike tour- tower eye in background
Bike tour guide
Sydney Harbour bridge
Opera house and downtown
Mrs Macquarie’s Chair It was hand carved by convicts in 1810, for Elizabeth Macquarie, the wife of Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of New South Wales.
One of several stranded cruise ships
Famous Sydney opera house
View from Harbour bridge
On bridge
Wendy’s secret garden. A lady landscaped her large front garden and donated it to the city. She still lives across the street
Another view from Wendy’s garden
Views from Sydney harbor boat tour

A little breezy on tour boat
Climbers at top of Harbour bridge- we didn’t do this – had to strap to a wire and do some serious climbing
Boat we toured on
Pictures at aquarium park- this is a sea anemone
Baby croc
Feeding the penguins
My wife and kangaroo statue- which is which??

Pics at wildlife park- shark
Pics from sky tower
Only us in the bar at happy hour- last day bars were open
Drowning sorrows with liter of lager
Local guide Matt on an all day tour – mainly north of town
Guides indicates this is the real Macquarie Rick chair which is on the side of what is identified to tourists and on a previous pic
Fed wild cockatoos at local park
At wildlife park- ass end of emu
Dingo howl
Tame Roos
Kookaburra sings
Ancient cave markings
One of several beaches we visited- sand and rock- a few surfers at one but most beaches closed as people gathering was prohibited
Cave made from eroded sandstone
Rocky coast around the corner from sandy beach
Headed home on long flight with virus concerns

5 thoughts on “Sydney-the last frontier for these explorers

  1. Bob and I are looking forward to visiting with you to discuss your trip. Let’s set a tentative date for September 1?

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  2. Glad you two were able to get a flight back. I have an Aussie friend on Facebook and she is concerned. Aussies don’t usually get too concerned with anything. I love the pictures and hate that your vacation is over. My virtual vacation is over now.


  3. What a crazy trip! Glad you got some of your stops visited. Also glad you were able to get home. From what’s been reported, there are a lot of US travelers stuck in a bunch of countries all over the world. Thank goodness for your niece. Hope you’re safe and sound back in Texas by now, or at least nearly so. I guess you’ll self-quarantine for a couple weeks. Hope good health stays with you both.

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    1. Thanks. So far so good after 1 week. Had a lady try to take some tp out of my basket a few days ago at Walmart. Being in Texas I had the right to shoot her right there, but I was benevolent and just scolded her. Crazy times.


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