Adelaide Australia

Got to Adelaide on March 14 and starting on March 15 we wouldn’t have been able to arrive in Australia without spending 2 weeks in quarantine. Wow, just missed that bullet. We planned to stay overnight in Adelaide and get on a cruise. NOT. Cruise canceled on us so we spent 6 nights there. A great city on the south coast of Australia. We took an all day trip to Kangaroo Island.

Funny story- the cruise we couldn’t get on was still cruising from Perth to Sydney. They didn’t kick anyone off, just didn’t let new people on. We were pissed that we ran into tour groups from the ship at Kangaroo Island. But we lucked out again. If they had let us on and we would have ended in Sydney as planned we couldn’t have gotten off the ship, as Australia implemented a ban to any new foreigners coming into the country the day before the ship docked in Sydney. We would have been shit out of luck. Wow-dodged another bullet.

We made the best of our time in Adelaide , in addition to the day at Kangaroo Island we did a tour of the city, a food tour of the central farmers market, an off day, and a little time at the beach.

On the beach a few blocks from our apartment
Kangaroo Island from the Ferry
Toured a Eucalyptus oil farm on Kangaroo Island

An Emu at Eucalyptus farm
goanna or monitor lizard
About half of Kangaroo Island (90% of their timber land) burned in January 2020 killing lots of animals
Raptor show on kangaroo island
Seal Bay Conservation Reserve on Kangaroo Island
Feeding the kangaroo
Dingos- looks like a dog but it’s wild and hunts in packs
Cute Koalas
From Adelaide tour-3 pic- some guy
Some church
Multi purpose venue
Food tour guide
Some kangaroo and green stuff
Day at the beach
Beth playing in the water
Beth in her new swimsuit. The Australian sun and diet has done great things for our health and appearance- more for Beth than me of course
Now on to Sydney

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