Queenstown NZ

Our last place in NZ. We turned in the car, went up the mountain on a gondola for dinner, and then spent one day going on a full day tour to Milford Sound. A few hour drive there, a couple of hours in a boat ride into the sound and then a 30 minute flight back to Queenstown.

We received the news that both of our remaining cruises have cancelled so we are scrambling to make new plans. We will spend more time in Australia and still plan to go to Japan. If that cancels we will make more adjustments.

At some falls on way to Queenstown
Tubers at the falls
View from top of gondola overlooking Queenstown
Parasails at top
View from our table
Trip down
Ah the kiwi
Valley on way to Milford Sound
Multiple views from Milford Sound
Seals out sunning
Milford Sound was beautiful so that’s why I did multiple short videos
Flight back to Queenstown
Our pilot. I got to sit in copilot seat
Pics from air

Now on to Adelaide Australia

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