Hanmer Springs New Zealand

On the way from Wellington to Christchurch we stopped here for a day. It’s a small resort town known for its thermal pool and water park resort. We went to the resort to soak in the 100 to 110 degree mineral pools, soak up the sun on a beautiful day and walk around the little town.

One of about 15 pools
It is a family resort but wasn’t crowded as it was a school day and an off season time. I wanted to ride this but it required 2 and Beth didn’t want to get her hair wet (at a water park!!!!!) so I shared a tube.
Might look like a guy I ride with but the movement was deceptive. Next pic was my riding mate
My riding mate
Walked down Main Street and had to wait for a group of ducks taking their morning stroll
Rented a bike surrey. I was going to rent for an hour and the girl suggested 30 minutes. The gall of her. We were back in 25 minutes and thanked her. The hills were no fun. I suggested they make and rent an e-surrey so we could go further😃. On to Christchurch

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