Taupo, New Zealand

One day in Taupo- had lamb again Yum- stayed at an airbnb on the Waikato River- beautiful views and a pair sisters from Taupo most of their lives as hosts. Went to see a geothermal park-sink holes, different colored boiling water holes, mud pits, really sulfur smelling aroma all over and a man made geyser (Kind of a rip. They put soap down a man made small mound at a set time-10:15am and the reaction with the hot water makes a small geyser in about a minute). Then off to a spa of hot mineral water from some geothermal springs. No pics from there as they weren’t allowed at this clothing optional spa. Lastly we saw the Huka waterfall on the Waikato river. Then on to Wellington

Dropping soap down the spout
Runoff from a hot pool fills this one and it is cold water which gives different chemical reactions and color
Huka falls
Huka falls
View from our house
River next to our house-current is very swift and Huka falls is about 2 miles downstream
Our hostesses with the view from their den in the background

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