Auckland New Zealand

Spending 4 days in Auckland. Day 1 is getting adjusted from the jet lag. We took a tour bus and then went up the Sky Tower

Tour bus gals
Bus was almost empty. Such a beautiful day plus jet lag had me nodding off a little
Restored working trolley
Crowded harbor- 1 in 3 Kiwi has a boat or access to one- makes my Lake Livingston look like child’s play.
Sky jumping (on cable system) from sky tower. I offered but Beth chickened out
Sky Tower
View from tower- tower is 1076 feet tall
View of bay and private boats from tower

2nd day we did a food tour- farmers market, cheese and olive oil place, fish market and ice cream shop- we love food tours as they give a historical talk, a taste of local foods and are not that expensive. We had a small group and a great guide, the owner. These guides are always willing to talk about local issues if you ask- politics, schools, health care, etc. I love it as a way to talk to a local other than the person behind the counter at your place to stay or a cab driver that isn’t normally a local.

Food tour at a farmer’s market
Food tour at the fish market- Elle, our guide, at right

3rd day we did a bike tour- 32km with an elevation change of 431 meters- only 3 guests with the host (a corporate attorney that has tired of office work all the time so he does both now). A few glitches with bikes (ok ebikes so we had a little help but the electric part cut out a few times)- the main one being a flat on his fat tired bike that wouldn’t take a patch- we went into a nearby indoor botanical garden while he RAN back to his shop pushing his disabled bike and then biked back- he humped it and we saw some beautiful plants

On mt Eden – volcano remnant above the city
Eddie gets a flat
3 riders
Botanical garden

Cool New Zealand tree (pohutukawa) that grows like this due to winds and turns bright red in December for Christmas-great for climbing
At the end of the ride

4th day we did a walking tour, ate a great lunch and then chilled

Walking tour guide
Maybe 20 in the group (free tour- tips to guide at end)
Raw Kingfish-yum
Grilled Kahawai- also yum

Off to Taupo New Zealand by car- that damned British influence means I drive on the opposite side of the road again!!!

2 thoughts on “Auckland New Zealand

  1. We liked Auckland. We walked most of Parnell Street and liked the hill top museums. The ferries are available to a lot of the nearby islands. We stayed in town on one trip and harbor side in the Hilton on another. You will also like the Wellington area and the wine areas of Martinborough and Marlborough. NZ is a nice country!

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