Glacier National Park

This park is above Yellowstone and borders Canada. Actually a small part goes into Canada and they call it Waterton. The views are beautiful but muted by the smoke from the California fires. The glaciers have receded so much they can barely be seen. That damned global warming, obviously caused by the energy companies!

Don’t know what all these teddy bears were for, but maybe like hanging carcasses to scare certain animals away, this was to keep the bears away

garden behind our lodging- fresh lettuce and raspberries were available for us to pick

5th wheel rental was great- private, owner next door- temps were in the low 50s at night up to 80s in the day. A heat wave. We stayed in East Glacier Village which will completely shut down at the end of September with snow last winter getting above the roof tops. All land east of the park is on the Blackfoot reservation so I kept a close watch on my scalp

In the park on the east side

Nice resort lodge down the street (view from back balcony )with teepee out front

a great all day tour of the park on a restored vintage vehicle- lots of pics

railroad built most of park infrastructure and still uses tracks to send crude from North Dakota Bakken fields to west coast- I looked for Hess oil but couldn’t find it

note butterfly on left

been a rough day

Jackson glacier in middle back- not too impressive- the other white areas is just snow fields that will mostly melt by September

Osprey nest

headed to Canada for the day to take a Lake tour in Waterton- their part of the park

lodge on the hill

Lake is in both countries- this is the border- maybe we’ll get a wall here too

USA boundary on other side of lake

a black bear- the guide advised this was the longest sighting she had seen- they’re normally pretty shy

headed back to our lodging- lots of cattle in the road on the reservation- speed limit 70!- I slowed down

Buffalo herd being preserved by the Blackfoot

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