Grand Teton National Park

It’s still very hazy from the California fires, but the mountains were beautiful

View from a resort restaurant where we had lunchJackson Hole ski resort- we took the tram to the top- 40 mph breeze at the top.woman wouldn’t stop looking over at me- maybe I reminded her of someone- maybe Paul Newman- nah he’s too old (and dead)-maybe George Clooney- hopefully not her father (or grandfather)the only bear we saw and it was from the tram (way up) and it was a cubentrance into the town square park in Jacksonkind of an ugly guy photo bombing- no, not the one on the left!

6 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park

  1. How do you know that bear was a cub? You were “way up”!😆 Are you sure that young thing was looking at you?????😜. BTW – Amazing pics!! So beautiful!


  2. Great pictures! I bet that young blonde kept looking at you because you kept taking pictures of her!😜 Thanks for sharing your vacations!


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