Taos New Mexico

Home of my daughter Kimberly

life is good looking east at sunrise west from the back porch looking across the Mesa with mountains in the distance

See 2 vertical slits in mountain behind. They are glassed windows of the cave

A side trip to a cave dug out by Ra Paulette (google him). The owner of the cave was a real 60s hippy type (in her 40s) that talked a lot about the mind , body, soul equilibrium, along with astrology, premium essential oils, etc. etc. The cave was very cool (no pics allowed inside)-3 pics

Taos ski area where Kimberly works. We’ve skied these slopes many times and they look so different in summer. 4 picslate afternoon shower(much needed). 2 pics from the front porch looking east with a beautiful double rainbow (can’t see the second real well, but look at the right side) Almost went looking for a pot of gold! On to Pagosa Springs Colorado tomorrow.

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