Budapest to Amsterdam river cruise

15 day river cruise starting in Budapest on the Danube going upstream, through Vienna, into the canal (finished in 1992) that crosses the continental divide, on to the Main river going downstream and into the Rhine on the trip to Amsterdam. We went through ~50 locks. One port in Hungary, 2 in Austria, 8 in Germany and 2 in the Netherlands. Most of the ports were small towns in Germany. While they were touristy towns they were smaller and more quaint than ocean cruise ports. The boat held about 180 guests so you got to know a number of people. Most were from the US but some Aussies,  and a few Canadians. Met a couple from Livingston- what a small world!!! While we ate most meals onboard they served a lot of local cuisine. We did have some local cuisine onshore during our tours. Needless to say cruises make you fat!! The wifi was shit so I will probably have to upload pics on our way to the last part of our Europe excursion, a 10 day British isles cruise on a big ship. Onto London. I finished uploading pics after returning home due to lack of wifi. As you see there were many small town with a few larger cities. Hope you enjoy the pics, but I won’t be adding anymore descriptions as I am burned out.our cruise program director- Chantal- a 6 foot ex model from the Netherlands.-2 picsnew friends from Portlandnew friends from Austinall the girlsgathered for drinks and gamesregular dinner guests- couples from Portland, Austin and Australia our boat, the Viking Skadisome Budapest fountainnight sail away from Budapest- 6 pics


river cruises don’t have many toys and these 3 on top deck, but I never saw them being used 

Our great waiters from the Philippines, where else

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