Rafting in Bosnia/Montenegro 

Two nights at a lodge with one day of rafting- 16 miles down the Drina and Tara rivers on the border of Bosnia and Montenegro. I thought the rapids where going to be cheesy, but I was wrong. Solid 3&4s. The river was really up in April and May with many raft turnovers and a death on what was a 5/6 rapids. No one fell out but we had a few soakings and a few times people were thrown to the floor of the raft. The pics and movies don’t do them justice as I couldn’t get my phone out while on the bigger ones. It seemed all they did was feed us (lots). Set menus were great but massive amounts of everything, especially meat- 3 times a day and you couldn’t ask for smaller portions. Ugh. Now we head back to Sofia Bulgaria (2 day drive) where we’ll turn in the car and spend a few days.4 kicking back picsthe place we stayed-14 pics- 4 wheelers we didn’t usefull moon​1st up for coffee
​rafts to be used 

​view of river from camp5 pic of foodour guide​Slovakian cutie that was on our raft

Our raft mates from all over Europe 13 pics and video from ride​​rest stop half way to get drinks





​ ​



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