Sarajevo Bosnia Herzegovina 

5 days in Sarajevo- probable 1 or 2 days more days more than needed, but we kicked back some. Our Europe excursion is now half over. Weather was again perfect- hot one day but down to 49 our last night. The apartment was again not in the city center- about a 15 drive- with a great view from 5 stories up. We took a culture/ food tour of old town, a short city bus tour around town, a half day tour about the last war (siege) from a guy that was 9 at the time. Can’t say it was an enjoyable tour due to subject matter, but clearly an event that left a big footprint on Sarajevo and one that needs to be remembered so as not to be repeated. It was from April 5, 1992 to February 29, 1996 (1,425 days) – the longest modern day seige. There was still a lot of evidence of the war- bullet holes, gutted buildings, mortar craters, uncleared mine fields (in heavily forested and very rugged terrain). Also went on an alpine slide ride , saw the old Olympic village (1984 winter), Olympic bobsled run and ski jump (all pretty well destroyed in the war). I haven’t wa?tched all 6 but here is a link to a 6 part BBC series on the breaking up of Yugoslavia 

Food was like most of the Balkans- meat&potatoes plus cooked veggies. Next we are going rafting down the Drina river on the border between Bosnia and Montenegro. Hope we don’t drown.loving the balcony4 pics from balconytraditional Cevapi with onions ( small sausages)- really good- had this twicetraditional Burke- pastry filled with meat, potatoes, spinach, or cheese- good stuffbaklavaapple stuffed with nutsstrong coffee for Beth/ I got my caffeine fix with Diet Coke (Coke zero over here)went to  the only “Mexican” restaurant in Bosnia- pretty bad shit- pic of nachos and then the tortillas and cheese for the fajitas ( meat not pictured)- I guess we wait until we get home for our Texmex, lamb stew and something else for our last lunchpizza for our last dinner fountain in the middle of old town Orthodox Church in old towneternal flame WWII war memorialmortar shell spot- saved and painted red as reminders- these were anti personnel mortars with lots of lateral scrapnel and small surface damagelocals playing chess in the middle of parkCatholic church in old town- no pic of the big mosque in old townold town main pedestrian walk-3 pics building with war damage- 2 picsold 16th century fortress overlooking Sarajevo in war tunnel under airport that was used to supply the Bosnian troops in Sarajevo during the seige as well as food for citizens uncleared mountain mine fieldolympic ski jumpolympic podium ski jump tour guide, Ervin, 9 years old when war startedposh olympic hotel near ski jump- used as military quarters by Serbiabob sled runview of Sarajevo from surrounding mountain- this position was used for mortar launch and sniper nest-3 pics Jewish cemetery most way up a mountain side- used by snipers- see bullet holes in next pic- Jews  were decimated here during WWII and hurt again in the recent war- only a few hundred left in the Jewish area of townalpine slide- fun-3picsview of city from alpine slide restaurant -2 pics

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