Plitvice Park Croatia

3 days in the Plitvice National Park area of  Croatia- we stayed about a 15 minute drive from the park entrance in the small town of Korenica- a town of less than 2000 with a few restaurants, small grocery stores and a pharmacy. Our host works at the park and her husband is a fireman for the area. Momma, young daughter and sister also lived in the house along with Lucky the dog ( a rescue from the street). Beautiful weather again. Afternoon 10 minute thunderstorm cooled off everything. Windows open at night and you had to coverup. Feeling bad for my Houston buds sweating like pigs. Spent 2 days in the park hiking around the lakes/waterfalls. Summer is beautiful here and the winter must be gorgeous too. Last day we did nothing- tried to go zip lining but it was too windy. We started our hikes when the park opened at 7am and ended up being almost alone. When we quit at midday the crowds were arriving. We were told that in high season of July/August there would be wall to wall hikers. Ugh! Here’s to the early bird. At the house we heard a lot of chainsaws and saw many empty lots that were being filled (10 ft high/30ft long/10ft deep with cut wood. Then I saw the wood burning boiler in the house. It’s used 8 months of the year to heat. Using electric for hot water over the summer. I bet the place smells great in the winter with all that wood burning. Sorry for the excessive number of pics at the park, but it was beautiful. On to Sarajevo Bosnia/Herzegovina for 5 days.
Front yard lounging

Our host, IvonaLuckyview of backyard with afternoon stormbackyard gardenour rent car with grandma and daughter talking to neighbors toilet (not urinal) at park- only if you really needed to gomap of different hikeslots of pics of upper lakes hike. They are smaller lakes with more falls. Many of the boardwalks are right over the streams and small fallsmany pics of lower lakes hike- bigger falls on it

​too windy for the zip line- would have been fun-260ft off the ground-75mph-for 1.5 miles-damned wind

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