Makarska Croatia

2 days in Makarska- it’s a port town on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast (Adriatic Sea) known for its Makarska Riviera beaches and seafront promenade. We didn’t do much. It was hot hot hot. First day we walked the promenade. Second day we went to the beach. Crystal clear water, rock beach, but beautiful. Our airbnb host said we are the first Americans that he has rented to in the several years he has hosted and not many come to the area. Next we are off to the Plitvice lakes national parkmy lovely girlfriend (wife too) got in on the act of chillinon a 300 yard ferry ride headed to Makarska- 4 picssmall town on coast road to Makarska mountain part of drive to Makarska notice all the tall cypress- there were some areas with thousands of these intermixed with other trees- very different Dubrovnik pic from highway-4 picsview from our balcony 3 picspromenadepromenade- boat selling sardines (I think)a beach used by the locals (no tourists but us)-8 pics8am and we were one of first on beachwater is crystal clear- I had to wait for a ripple so you could see surface- this is about 4 ft deepa little more crowded by 2 pm

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