Bar Montenegro 

3 days in Bar, a small coastal town in Montenegro. 1 day doing a walking tour of Stari Bar (old town Bar) which is up the mountain side a mile or so and a walk along the promenade on the shoreline in town. Day 2 is a driving tour up the mountain overlooking Bar and day 3 is a day at the beach. People were friendly, the mountain drive was hairy (narrow 2 way winding road) but we only saw a few dozen cars in the all day drive so it was great. The beach we went to was a mix of sand and smallish smooth stones ( mainly stones- you needed water shoes). Unlike Albania there weren’t any large people on the beach or even in the town. Strange! Off to Makarska Croatia for a few days on the Croatian coast.another great balcony5 pics from the balcony at different times of daymiddle of Bar promenade with distances to other placesBuilt in the 1860s King Nikola’s Palace is located across the street from the coast and served as the seat of the Montenegrin Royal familyacross the street from the palace is a rocky beachalong Bar promenadeStory of Stari Bar (old town up the mountain). Next 9 pics at Stari Barwalk up to Stari Barpic from top of Stari Bar fortressaqueduct that supplied water to old town- destroyed in 1979 earthquake it was reconstructed Beth holding up wall that is slipping in the fortressStara Maslina is one of the world’s oldest olive trees, located near Stari Bar (City of Bar) in Montenegro. The tree is said to be over 2,000 years old. Next 4 picsolives will be ripe in a few monthsdinner on the promenade map of scenic drive from Bar- up the mountain and down the other side to lake Lake Skadar which lies on the border of Albania and Montenegro and is the largest lake in the Southern Europe. Next 11 picssome of the obstacles lots of fallen rocks on roadsmall town on lakeday at the beachprettiest girl on the beachgetting crowdedonly topless or nude sunbathers were the 2-4 year olds. Oh well, I’ll keep looking

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