Durres Albania

3 days in the Adriatic beach resort on the outskirts of Durres was just the right amount of time. Our place was right on the beach and had a great view from the 5th floor balcony. We sat on the beach for most of the 3 days trying to tan our pasty white torso. There are no waves to speak of and you have to walk 50 yards out to get waist deep, but it was beautiful water and sand. Renting a front row umbrella and chairs set you back $3 ( I saw them charge a local $2 so we must have stood out). Most spoke some english, but I believe we were the only Americans there. The weather was great- lows in 60s, highs in low 80’s, but the humidity was generally low, which is weird since we are at the beach. We were underwhelmed by historical places to see in Durres- We drove to their old town (15 minute drive) and did a 30 minute walk  to see some ruins that had mostly been absorbed into commercial places- restaurants, hotels, etc. Overall we enjoyed the short beach trip. Oh, I almost forget to mention the beach experience. All women wore 2 piece suits- some very attractive ( the younger ones) but most were not. Many you couldn’t tell they had any bottoms on at all since their belly and back rolled over and covered the whole thing. Not real attractive, but very common ( no pics included for obvious reasons). Everything was hawked out of carts on the beach- beach toys- sunscreen-grilled food-beer-fruit-ice cream- popcorn- tennis shoes???- curtains????- a steady stream all day. They even had a small table set up to get a tattoo. I was thinking of a little heart in a discreet place with Beth across the middle, but I decided that I better wait to see if this relationship lasts first. It’s only been 36 years. Paddle boats could be rented as well as a few jet skis. We are now off to Bar Montenegro.another relaxed view from the balconymorning and afternoon pics from the balconyonly one piece suit on the beachon the beachcart selling stuffgetting popcorn for my lovely wifeweird pigeons with feathers on their feet 3 pics of one of the few historic sites in Durresanother historic siteand anotherlastly the old amphitheater beer at a restaurant over the waterassortment of Albanian dessertsat a restaurant on the beachview from balcony- restaurant on the water in bottom leftBeth chilling on the beachBeth drove part of the way from Albania to Montenegro and it scared me

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