Ohrid Macedonia 

4 great days in Peshtani, which is a 15 minute drive from Ohrid. Our house was spitting distance from Lake Ohrid. It is a summer lake resort area but the water was still a little cool so we will wait for the Albania coast on the Adriatic before we get in the water. The lake straddles the mountainous border between southwestern Macedonia and eastern Albania. It is Europe’s deepest and oldest continuous existing lake and is primarily spring fed. It covers 150 square miles and reaches 980 ft deep. It is Pliocene age(up to 5MM years old). It is so clear unlike my beautiful Lake Livingston, where I usually can’t see my hand in front of my face. We took what they called a private catamaran tour of part of the lake- it was a pontoon boat very similar to what I have. It was great. We puttered around the shore and saw a few sights. Just like home. A one day self guided walking tour of old town Ohrid was interesting. Several other self guided looks at nearby sights, along with lots of time on the balcony overlooking the lake and our time was up. Food continues to have lots of meat and great salads, so I’m happy. Off to Durres Albania for a few days at the beach.chillin on the patio with a beautiful view7 views from patio at different times of day5 pics of Samuel’s Fortress, built by Tsar Samuel, a 10th century castle on the hill above the medieval old town. It was very windy- did I goose her???Church of Sveti Kliment i Pantelejmon. This 5th century church was recently restored in 2002 Saint John of Kaneo church. This is the most photographed church in Macedonia. The tiny stone church is set on a cliff overlooking the lake. It’s an impossibly beautiful spot with a couple very strategically placed benches for quiet contemplation, and is possibly one of the best places in the world to enjoy a picnic lunch.beach at Saint Naum Monastery near Ohrid5 pics of boat ride at Saint Naum Monastery near Ohrid- mouth of spring fed crystal clear riverSt Naum peacock- one of many2 pics of St Naum 2 mile walk around St Naum groundssmall St Naum chapel spring fed water source in the small chapelglad we had car as other way to get to St Naum was by 2 hour ferry from Ohrid and we beat the crowd in and then out too drove up to the top of the mountain over lake Ohrid for these 2 picsover the mountain is this 2nd lake, Lake Prespa 6 pics from short pontoon ride in Ohrid around immediate shoreline 2 pics in old town shopping area and shoreline3 pics of Bay of Bones. On Lake Ohrid a settlement of pile dwellers who lived literally on top of the water, on a platform supported by up to 10,000 pilings. A reconstruction of the settlement as it looked between 1200 and 600 BC.7 pics of some of the food and drink

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