Med cruise and Palermo

Sorry for the delay but the internet with lousy on my Mediterranean cruise and again at the week in Palermo. The cruise was great but like all cruises you get a day in each port and a very limited feel for what it is really like to live there or what the people are like ( not just the ones hocking there wares to the tourist as) Now, Palermo we stayed a week in a very basic apartment in the old section of town. A block from a grade school, we saw and heard kids and parents walking to and from school. Sicilians are very loud and windows are always open so you knew everyone’s business on the small narrow street (if you spoke Italian, which I don’t). People were friendly and helpful. The very large open air markets were open everyday and had fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, olives etc. along with household products. Most locals shop daily and cook what they buy. We took day trips to Corleone (as in Vito), Monrealle, Mondello (beach resort town) and the small town of Ficuzza. Here are pics from the cruise and Palermo.​​​

First 2 pics from the rock of Gibraltar, video of a cloud pushing up one side of the peak- really cool
Monkeys live on the rock of Gibraltar
Cruising companions and servers on ship
Guide in front of leaning tower of Pisa
Cathedral in Pisa ( tower on right)
Another strenuous day on ship
More tough work on ship
Everyone uses motorcycles in Europe- this from Genoa Italy
Palermo gates- I’m looking a little rough with a new beard
Palermo cathedral
Who wouldn’t want a little drinky at the Tinky Winky
Palermo food market
Renovations on a building down the street starting with the foundation
Mondello beach- water too cold to go in
Sahara sands causing haze overlooking Palermo from Monreale
Palermo cathedral crypt- lots of important dead people here
Palermo countryside on way to Corleone
Example of mountains around Palermo
View across the street from our 2nd floor apartment. Many buildings are empty and in bad shape due to having many owners from generations of inheritance
View from our balcony down the small street
View from our balcony down the other way on the small street
Fresh made cannoli-yum
Street food tour guide at a bar
Vendor making a spleen ( yes, spleen) sandwich- it was very tasty
Food market in Palermo
Food market in Palermo

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